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5425 North Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Previous Programs

  • John Dolezal, “A Bohemian’s Rhapsody”
  • Donna Le, Wordwrights Vice President, Polish for Publication Critique Series
  • Victor Driver – “Consider Self-Publishing Formats: IngramSpark and KDP”
  • Donna Le, Wordwrights Vice President – “Bearing Fruit as Christian Writers”
  • Barbara Zimmerman, Wordwrights President – “Christmas Program”
  • Marcia Preston, author – “Writing Killer Fiction”
    “Celebration of Wordwrights-OKC Christian Writers’ 25th Year”
  • Jonita Mullins, author/historian – “Tips and Tools for Conducting Research for Writing”
  • Kathleen Gibbs, author – “Finding the Well-Hidden Publisher for Your Book and a Million Little Ideas to Promote It”
  • Speaker, Staci Mauney, editor/indie author – “Writing Devotionals: Connecting Ordinary Events with Spiritual Truths”
  • Speaker, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, poet and publisher or Mongrel Press – “Poetry with Oklahoma’s Poet Laureate”
  • 2019 All-Day Rretreat at Yonderland in Mulhall – Helen Newton, Featured Speaker
  • Speaker, M. Carolyn Steele, author – “Get It Right in the First Place”
  • Speaker, Jeanne Devlin, Owner/Editor of Rodrunner Press – “Tips for Getting Published and Then Marketing Your Book”
  • Speaker, Jean Reed, author – “How to Build a Plot”
  • Polish for Publication Critique Series – “May Your Writing Life Blossom” by Donna Le
  • Speaker, Janis Montgomery, playwright – “Sharing and Showering” – Playwriting
  • Speaker, Tiffany Gobble – “The Writing World: Overcoming Rejection, Finding a Publisher”
  • Speaker, Shel Harrington – “How to Get Your Name Out There When Nobody Knows Your Name”
  • Introduction of officers, ideas, and Wordwrights’ goals for 2019 – “Let Your Write Shine”
  • Speaker, Gaye Sanders, author with The Roadrunner Press, presenting program for Jeanne Devlin, editor/owner of The Roadrunner Press – “Tips for Getting Published & Then Marketing your Book”
  • Wordwrights’ Retreat at Yonderland, Mulhall, Oklahoma – Featured Speaker, Sally Jadlow
  • Speaker, Alton Carter – “Author of Aging Out and The Boy Who Carried Bricks”
  • Speaker, Andrea Foster (The Booklady) – “Sell Your Book Without Losing Your Shirt: Promostions In the New Pubishing Age”
  • Speaker, Carolyn Leonard, author and self-publisher – “Journey of Discovery in Israel”
  • Polish for Publication Critique Series
  • Speaker, Dee Dee Chumley, author – “Why Write? Why Christian? Why Fiction?”
  • Speaker, C. Dale German – “Journaling with C. Dale German”
  • Speakers, Donna Le and Donna Sue Berry – “Writing for the Love of God”
  • Polish for Publication Critique
  • Christmas Party & Readings/Officer Elections
  • Polish for Publication Critique Series – “Polish Your Prose and Poetry”
  • Speaker, Chris Christensen, CEO Christensen Media Group – “Marketing Our Writing”
  • All-day Christian Writing Retreat at Yonderland, Mulhall, Oklahoma
  • Polish for Publication – Critique Session for Prose and Poetry
  • Speakers, Jean Reed and Kathryn Spurgeon – “Two Book Publishers”
  • Speaker, Virginia Brendle, founder GIFTS: “How to Be Presenters to Promote Your Work”
  • Speaker, Nathan Gunter, Managing Editor at Oklahoma Today magazine
  • “Writer’s Work” – Wordwrights Members – Writing short bios/tips/devotions/writing to celebrate Easter
  • Speaker, Dr. Robert Kanary, Pastor/Author on writing nonfiction books, writing children’s books, traditional vs. self-publishing, and audio books
  • Christmas Party with readings by Wordwrights Members
  • Speaker, Jeremy Ingle, Newspaper Editor/Publisher – Oremus Press, on writing devotionals for local papers and small presses
  • Speaker, Una Belle Townsend, poet and picture-book author – “Writing Children’s Picture Books”
  • Critique Session: “Polish for Publication” – Lori Williams, Leader
  • Speaker, Marla F. Jones, Writer/Artist/Book Publisher – Doodle and Peck, on writing children’s books
  • Speaker, Benjamin Myers, Poet Laureate of Oklahoma: “Poetry”
  • Speaker, Melanie Hemry: “How to Sell to Guideposts”
  • Speaker, LaQuita Dayton: “Accidental Publisher”
  • Speaker, Norman Styers: “Why Write Nonfiction?”
  • Speaker, Jean Reed: “Writing Dialogue 101 aka Eavesdropping 101”
  • Christmas Party and Member Book Signing
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration – “Wordwrights – Crafting Words for Christ: 20 Years and We’ve Only Just Begun!” Special guest: Irene Martin, founder of Wordwrights group
  • Speaker, Louise Tucker Jones: “Finding Your Passion in Writing”
  • Speaker, Kathryn Spurgeon: “Writing Love from the Inside Out”
  • Speaker, Barbara Shepherd, author, – “Secrets from the Contest Queen”
  • Speaker, Carla Stewart: “Researching and Writing Historical Fiction”
  • Critique and Themed Writing Session
  • Speaker, Carolyn Leonard, on genealogy and her new book, “Who’s Your Daddy?”
  • Planning ACW Conference & Critique Session
  • Speaker, Barbara Shepherd, author & income tax preparer – “Taxes and the Business of Writing”
  • ACW Conference Report & Critique Session
  • Speaker, Stan Tolar, on writing tips, personal writing experiences
  • Writing Exercises
  • Critique Session
  • Critique Session & Fellowship
  • Speaker, Joe Jared, poet and author – “Writing Metrical Poetry”
  • Speaker Susan Brown: “Seven Roadblocks to Publication and How To Get Past Them”
  • Critique Session “Refining Our Work”
  • Speaker, Nancy Simmons Vineyard, author: “Joy on the Writing Journey”
  • Speaker, Rene Gutteridge: “Ask Me Anything”
  • Speaker, Jean Reed: Critique Session & Planning ACW Conference Banquet – “To the 9’s”
  • Speaker, Milton Smith: “Attending ACW & Other Conferences”
  • ACW Conference Report & Critique Session

“Lord, establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands.”

– Psalm 90:17 NIV

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