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Books published by wordwrights members

Kathryn Spurgeon
A Promise to Break: Love, Faith and Politics in the 1930s
A Promise Child: Faith, Loss, and Hope in the 1930s
Fremont’s Promise: Faith, Prospects, and Dreams in the early 1940s
A Promise of Home: WW2 Family Saga
Where the Trail is Smoother

Mona Jean Reed
A Potpourri of Bible Information
If It Kills Me
Reclaiming Little Marty
Freedom: A Salute to American Liberty
Accidental Billionaire

Barbara Shepherd
Patchwork Skin
Patchwork Skin, Second Edition
Imagination Turned Loose, Editor
Vittles and Vignettes
The Potbelly Pig Promise
River Bend

Joe Jared
Devotions for Warriors
The Ransom of the Rune Writer
Indigo Bunting
Alive Forevermore
The Spirit Quest of the Thunder Clan
Polly’s Little Universe
And It Was Night
Devotions for Patriots
The Wisdom of the Wombat
Where the Rocks Cry Out
The Ballad of Daniel Boone
A Journal of the Music of the Morning
Watermark Sonnets
Why the Little Fish Didn’t Know She Was Wet
The Round Knights of the Table
The Ballad of Ronald Reagan

Jody Karr

Faces Forgotten
Soup and Salad

Donna Le
Oklahoma: The Fountain of the Heartland, Editor
The Homeless Guy’s Secret

Glenda Potts
Whispers in the Tropics
Can You Feel His Powerful Presence?

Bonnie Lanthripe
The Ringleader
Estate Sale

Louise Tucker Jones
Extraordinary Kids: Nurturing and Championing Your Child with Special Needs
Dance from the Heart
Special Needs, Special Ministry
The Gift of Christmas
Gentle Thoughts
Silent Battles and Quiet Celebrations




Connie Sorrell
Our Family’s Darlene
A Darlene Summer

Darla Peake Hunter
Backward and Forward: My Life in Stories and Poems
Keep Writing for Him, Editor

Milton Smith
Keep Writing for HIm

Nancy Simmons Vineyard
Chocolate Drop Bible Study: Resting in God versus Stressing Out
From Out of Order to Under Control: Devotions for Working Moms

Shelley Anne Richter
Betty Jean in Black and White
Tales of the Western Trail
The Privy Promenade
Oklahoma Crude: Don’t Forget to Laugh When You’re Heading Down the Path
The Shiver Shack
The Majesty of God
Petals and Grace

Jean Stover
To God Be the Glory
Sirloin Stockade Slaughter

Norman Styers
Chess Devotionals
First Verses
Deconstruction for Linear Thinkers
The Legend of Abner and Other Funny Poems

Erin Taylor Young
Surviving Henry: Adventures in Loving a Canine Catastrophe
Still Surviving Henry: The Untold Stories

Barbara Zimmerman
Paw Prints in My Heart
Paw Prints in My Heart 2 with Mosie Lou
Mosie Lou and the Teacher

Judy Howard
Heavenly Patchwork I, Editor
Heavenly Patchwork II, Editor
Centennial Stitches: Oklahoma History in Quilts, Editor
1905 Cookbook: Food for Body and Soul

Dana Tramba
Save Your Life, One Story at a Time: How to Write Your Memoir

Glenda Stevenson
More Than a Diary: Journaling to Be Transformed

Anita Breitling
Karra’s World
Legend of the Ps’tu
Artie’s Alien
Just Once More

John Wolfe
Flycatcher Frenzy: A Bird’s Lost Fortune


Wordwrights Anthologies

A Centennial Celebration of Oklahoma Stories

Wordwrights first anthology was unveiled at the December 2007 meeting to an enthusiastic crowd. A Centennial Celebration of Oklahoma Stories bears a December 2007 publication date and is sold out. Twenty-one Wordwrights members answered the call-for-entries to participate in the compilation book envisioned by President Milton Smith. The second printing of the anthology bears an August 2008 publication date and is available at local bookstores and metro libraries or by contacting a Wordwrights member.

Beads On a String – Peace, Joy, and Love

Wordwrights second anthology was published in January 2015 with essays, poetry, devotions, and short stories by twenty-three Wordwrights members. Beads On a String – Peace, Joy, and Love is available at local and online bookstores or by contacting a Wordwrights member. 





“Lord, establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands.”

– Psalm 90:17 NIV

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